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Blue Dress

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I don’t make a habit of posting pattern reviews as that is not really how I work. I would usually like to find my inspiration and then work out how to create a dress or outfit from that starting point, out of the patterns I have either bought, altered or made myself. For some reason though I wanted to take this very mundane and ordinary, even frumpy looking pattern, New Look 6305 and work with it to come up with a usable item. A personal challenge for myself to create a wearable garment or two.

Last time I showed you how I made the Sheer Shirt from view D on the packet envelope, this time I have used chosen to sew view A, the dress with sleeves.

Sheer Shirt Pattern image
Sheer Shirt Pattern

I made three decisions about the pattern before I had even started to cut it out, to take ten, yes a full ten, inches off the length of the dress, to have short sleeves for the summer and to add inseam pockets to both side seams. As it is a loose fitting, easy day dress I wanted the addition of the pockets for more practicality. I used my own pattern for the pockets which I had used previously in my Dallia Dress.

Blue Dress Layout image
Blue Dress Layout

My main concern about the construction of this dress was the fact that it has no zipper or back/front opening and I wondered how it would fit over the head. Now It is finished though I can tell you that this is not an issue at all, it slips on very easily even though the fabric I have used has no stretch in it whatsoever. It is a woven crepe fabric, I was attracted by the vivid colour for this blue dress.

The dress has princess seams in both the back and the front of the body, they are not graded by bust size as some patterns are, which means that the fit of the dress on my smaller frame is very baggy, much more roomy than I would normally be comfortable wearing. Considering that the full pattern is for a floor length dress with sleeves to the wrist, this is a real cover it all up style. If that is what you want then this is the perfect pattern for you, however I have struggled with finding ways to be complimentary about this pattern. I have not enjoyed sewing this dress together and it will not be making the journey into my favourites list any time soon. I will however try and reflect upon the lessons learnt in the process and that I have learnt more about my own likes and dislikes about my own creative process which was very much missing here.

Blue Dress Side image
Blue Dress Side
Blue Dress Back image
Blue Dress Back

You can bet that my next post is going to be more about my style, a more fitted type of dress which compliments the figure in a much more feminine way. I will be using an old favorite which I know fits well and mixing it up a bit to create a smart summer dress for a special family occasion.

That said, it was a straightforward sew which I can recommend as a beginner project, no fastenings or lining to worry about.

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Happy Sewing

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8 thoughts on “Blue Dress”

  1. You did a beautiful job putting this one together, and I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I’ve found that New Look, like Kwik Sew, is drafted for someone with a more substantial bone structure than I have, so I always start with a smaller size in those brands. In (partial) defense of NL, they are at least good about putting helpful finished measurements on their pattern envelope, so it’s easier to choose a size using their finished garment measurements.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Karla. Yes, I agree that a smaller size and a different fabric would have worked out differently.

  2. You might did good job sewing, but not with choice of the fabric
    either is not ironed well or is one of this hard to press. Either way this take away much of the good job you probably have done. I like very much the black and white dress It is fun, flirty -very good choice.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have to agree, if I do choose to use this pattern again it will be with a different fabric. I don’t like doing pattern reviews just for the sake of it and will go back to a more inspired approach in the future.

  3. Hi. I agree with others, you have done a smashing job sewing this dress, but I think if you sew it again, try a soft jersey in a bright pattern and shape it more along the princess seams. It would show off your figure and give more interest to the simple style.
    I am enjoying your blog and it is good to find a fellow sewer!

  4. Sarah I can understand when you have completed a garment and realize that it isn’t going to work. However; learning what works and don’t from a project is of GREAT value.

    I can recall making an garment recently and it did not work for me. I had to regroup to get my mojo back.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Yes thank you for your comment Monica, We forget that we learn a lot more from our mistakes than we do when it’s all going smoothly.

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