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Downloading & Printing Patterns

In this short introduction we are going to provide you with information on downloading & printing patterns. These instructions can be used with Sewing Avenue patterns and other downloadable PDF patterns.

Downloading the Pattern

We recommend you open your pattern PDF with the latest version of Adobe Reader. The latest version can be downloaded for free from here and follow the instructions on their site for installing.  However our patterns will print from web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari as well as mobile phones. They will also open in Preview on Mac OS. The pattern file are PDF, none zipped formats.

To view the file on your computer, do the following :

  1. Access the Email or  Web page with a link to a PDF file (the link typically ends with “.pdf”).
  2. Click on the PDF file link. Your browser will then automatically launch the Adobe Acrobat reader with the PDF file inside the reader.
  3. When you are done viewing the PDF file, simply click on your browser’s Back button to return to the page that had the PDF link.

Or, you can do the following to save a PDF file to your computer to view later.

  1. Place the mouse cursor over a PDF file link, then click your right mouse button. A small menu will appear.
  2. Select “Save Link As” from the menu. A location box appears which you need to select where you want to save the file.
  3. Save the PDF file to a location you can remember. You can also save it is your Desktop which may be easier to find later.
  4. Next time you want to view the file, launch the Acrobat Reader.
  5. On the Acrobat Reader menu, choose File, then Open.
  6. Now select the PDF file to open it inside the Acrobat Reader.

Review the Pattern

Once open:

  1. Check you have received the right pattern, the name of the pattern is on the first sheet.
  2. Check the sizes are correct, this is just under the pattern name on the first sheet. Our size chart is here and help on how to measure your size here.
  3. Take a note of the number of sheets needed, as you will need this many pieces of paper in your printer. The number of pages depends on the pattern and sizing.

Printing your pattern

  1. Sewing Patterns are design to be printed on Black & White printers. They will also work on Colour printers.
  2. Print off all pattern pieces with the printer size option set to “Actual Size”. Print on either Letter or A4 sized paper. It is very important not to scale or fit any of the pages.

    Downloading & Printing Patterns  - Sewing Avenue - image
    Pattern Printing – Sewing Avenue
  3. Locate, measure and check that the test square is two inches by two inches ( 50.8 millimetres by 50.8 millimetres).
  4. Trim the paper along the cut lines which are dotted lines around the edge of the paper which have scissor icons.
  5. Assemble the pattern pieces together using the pattern construction diagram on the second page. The pages are lettered so you can easily identify the pages.
  6. Tape the pieces together.
  7. Cut around the pattern size you require.

Pattern Sewing Instructions

  1. Each pattern has sewing instructions on the second page.
  2. Seam allowances of 5/8 inch/15mm are included in the pattern on all seams.

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