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Gingham Shirt

I am so excited about posting this blog because I have been planning and thinking about my gingham month for weeks now and it’s finally here. I’m overlapping my shirt sewing with the gingham sewing too, to make things extra special in this blog!

I thought long and hard about using cotton Gingham as a fashion fabric.

Gingham-Shirt-Front image

We are used to seeing it in children’s wear and in vintage clothing, Julie Andrews in the wizard of Oz, but is it really a sophisticated fashion forward look? Then I noticed that quite a few of the big name designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Alexander Mcqueen, and Chloe had created beautiful dresses from the little chequered fabric.

If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me!


Gingham Fabric image
Gingham Fabric
Shirt Pattern image
Shirt Pattern

I have used a commercial paper pattern for this sewing make. It is New Look number 6232 which I have modified a bit to give a looser feel to the shirt. It is a very useful pattern which I can recommend as I have had it a few years now and it has been tried and tested in a few different sizes by me for myself and other family members. I made it in a size US 8/ UK 12.

Gingham-Shirt-Back image

I have left out the darts in the back to create a bit more fullness so it is less tight across the back of the body. This is a casual look for me, not a smart office or interview type of shirt. I changed the way that the yoke is constructed too, by cutting out and using only one yoke piece instead of two and sewing it together in more of a dressmaker fashion rather than tailoring the shirt for a man, more of a relaxed blouse. I tend to stay away from pocket placement on the front of my tops as they tend to sag, even when not used, and this is definitely not a flattering look for anyone!

Gingham-Shirt-Front image

As I am sure you can see from the photos, I have changed the cuffs as in the Easter shirt, by cutting the sleeve about six inches shorter and adding a simple cuff band instead of the conventional cuff with buttons. I think this is much more flattering. I have previously made this same shirt with a little cap sleeve too and that would have worked well in this fabric.

I chose the bright pink buttons for the front of the shirt to set off the pink in the check more. One little tip I have when you are positioning the buttons on the front of a shirt or blouse you are making, is to put it on when you mark the position of the buttons and buttonholes so that you get them in the correct place for you rather than the recommendation on the pattern diagram. I rarely wear my shirts buttoned up to the top, so think about how you will wear the shirt, and then decide how open you want the neck to be as well. If you place the fastening too high, you might feel choked, or too low, you could feel too exposed, you won’t wear the shirt because you won’t feel comfortable in it.

Gingham-Shirt-Happy-Sewing image

Sewing Tools

A dozen assorted stones!

Today is just a quick update as I am busy working on my pink Gingham shirt which will be ready by the weekend. I enjoyed wearing the Easter shirt the other day at our Easter lunch, everyone wanted to know how I’d made the sleeve cuff and it really wasn’t hard at all. Infact it was easier than sewing a pair of conventional sleeve cuffs.

I’d like to show you twelve of my most useful sewing tools!

My sewing stone tools image
My sewing stone tools

This is my collection of sewing stones which I use all of the time in the workroom. They cost me absolutely nothing. I collected them years ago from the beach while on a family holiday.

I use the stones as paper weights to hold down patterns and tracing paper when I want to trace off just one size from a multi size pattern. I don’t always like to cut my paper patterns, I like to use them many times by tracing them off and then manipulating the original to come up with different styles and design ideas.

The stones are also very useful pin substituted. I use them to secure paper patterns down onto the fabric when cutting out with a rotary cutter on a cutting mat. This is such a quick and easy way to work and I know a lot of quilters and patchworkers use this method.

Please use the comments below to share your unusual notions and sewing gadgets.

Sewing stones as paper weights image
Sewing stones as paper weights
Sewing stones as pin substitutes image
Sewing stones as pin substitutes

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Happy Sewing