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Gingham Pyjamas

Have you ever made a pair of trousers, pants or shorts?

If you have never dared to make yourself a pair of trousers, shorts or pants before because you are concerned about getting the fitting right, then how about having a go at making a pair of pyjamas with an elasticated waist. It’s an easy way to have a go at making pants.

Gingham PJs image
Gingham PJs

As you know I’ve been exploring sewing different garments from gingham fabric throughout the entire month of April as a chance to explore this versatile fabric. I like so many things about it, the budget price for one and the fact that is does not have a right or wrong side and it both washes and irons very easily. I have had some style issues with using the Gingham fabric though because of it’s long association with children’s wear and country interiors, especially the pale, lighter and more pastel shades of gingham check. I used the small pink check to sew the shirt with the ¾ sleeves at the beginning of the month, you can’t go wrong with a checked shirt, and I like the way it turned out with the bright pink buttons down the front. My favourite make of the month has to be the black gingham dress which I completed last week. I think that the black check almost looks like a summer version of hounds tooth fabric. It has certainly convinced me that adults can wear this fabric and style it in a smart and elegant way.

So after all the fun of gingham month I need a rest (from the checked stuff, not from sewing) so I have made myself this pair of pink, large check pyjama bottoms to relax in!

This was the perfect opportunity for me to use my fancy embroidery stitches on my sewing machine, to embellish the pocket edges.

Gingham PJs Detail image
Gingham PJs Detail
Gingham PJs image
Gingham PJs

The pattern I’ve used for these gingham pyjamas is an amalgamation of two patterns which have merged together over time into my own pants pattern. It is part Burda, from one of the magazines, and part New Look. I also think that it is probably not a conventional size anymore but my own personal size instead. I love it when that happens with a pattern, when it becomes your own and you can rely on it and come back to visit it over and over for different makes, changing it for the season or for it’s use.

Gingham PJs Layout image
Gingham PJs Layout

I enjoyed the challenge of pattern matching.

Gingham PJs Layout image
Gingham PJs Layout


This is the first time that I have chosen to make sleepwear from this block. In the past I have used it for lightweight summer pants with both slim and wide legs, just altering the taper of the width of the leg but always keeping the pattern top the same so that the fit around the body is right.

Gingham Pjs image
Gingham Pjs

Happy New Year

Do you love cruise wear?

Chanel cruise ready to wear collection 2014-15

The magic of the fashion show. From the first time I saw the Chanel cruise ready to wear 2014-15 show, I knew I would be inspired by it to create a garment or two of my own, suitable to wear in my every day world. Lets face it even the glamorous ready to wear collections from the famous fashion houses would need a very special occasion to wear them at. Most of us can only dream of living the celebrity lifestyle but what’s wrong with wanting a bit of glamour and excitement to make the everyday more exciting.

I think every image from this 2014-15 show appealed to me, loved how all the models had their legs covered to keep out the cold, living in the northern hemisphere I can appreciate this. Oh, maybe it was for culturally sensitive reasons!! It was nice to see different the trousers/pants with tunics which women of all ages and sizes can comfortably wear, so easy to move about in but elegant and smart at the same time. I am defiantly going to make some trouser tunic sets this year for both work and leisure.

What could be more useful in your wardrobe though than a shirt? So I chose a couple of the Chanel official images as my starting point I’ve pinned them here & here .

And this is a picture of the fabric inspiration here….


I happened to have a piece of fabric in my own stash box left over from a previous project, just enough to use with the white cotton shirting, I’m sure the Chanel shirts are made from the finest silk.
I played around with a few ideas and made a quick sketch as usual, always useful for explaining what you are intending to make or reminding yourself where you are going with a garment, of course things can be changed, nothing is made until its finished. I used a tried and tested (tnt) shirt pattern, which I manipulated a bit for length and sleeve design.

Cruise Wear Shirt Sketch - Sewing Avenue
Cruise Wear Shirt Sketch – Sewing Avenue

The woven pink fabric, which is silk, kept wanting to fray at the edges and unravel itself so I decided to overclock/serge the edges and sewed it up using regular seams not flat felled seams, which I generally prefer on a shirt. When I’m sewing together a shirt I follow a set working order so regardless of the fabric or design changes I know where I am and what to do next.

Sewing Avenue -  Top Stitching
Sewing Avenue – Top Stitching

Here a couple of photos of the finished shirt, I tried different ways of styling it but it was not quite right so I unpicked the collar and removed it. I’ve kept it though and looking back on the photos, I may be tempted to put it back on again.

Sewing Avenue - Cruise Wear Shirt
Sewing Avenue – Cruise Wear Shirt


Cruise Wear Shirt
Cruise Wear Shirt

What do you think?

Does it look better with or without the collar and how do you get on sewing your own shirts? If you don’t make your own shirts, why not?