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Free Summer Top Pattern

balloon_animation_450I couldn’t resist making this cute little summer top from my FREE summer top pattern.

As you know April is my Gingham makes month this year, so I just had to sew my Camellia top using this gorgeous pink check, cotton gingham fabric. The pattern is still available for you to download completely free so that you can enjoy creating this simple style for yourself and your friends and family. It is available in size options from US 4/ UK 8 up to US 20/ UK 24. You’ll find it on my pattern store page.

The Camellia Top is such a versatile and basic pattern that is is ideal for the beginner sewer yet also useful for the more experienced seamstress who can have fun playing around with the shape and fit of a garment.

I am going to be making a few more of these for the summer from different colours and different fabric weights. When I made this one I made a slight alteration to the pattern by lowering the front neckline about an inch to open it up a little bit more. I also added an inch to lengthen at the hem. I am 5’7″ and always add an inch/s at just above the waist mark, to all patterns as my standard pattern alteration.

I know you will love this PDF download, so Happy Sewing for now and let me know in the comments how you get on. What pattern alterations do you always make as standard?

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Happy Sewing


Spring cleaning

Over the last three months, life has been very exciting here at sewing avenue, not to mention busy. So one thing I have been longing to get around to is the Spring cleaning!

I feel so happy at this time of year with the arrival of spring.

Don’t you?  It seems to bring with it a lighter, brighter mood as well as longer, sunnier days. If I could rearrange the calendar, I would choose to have new years day about now at this time of year. I would certainly have more success with my New Years resolutions if I could start them going forwards into the spring.

That said, I am immensely proud of the achievements so far this year.

Along with all the sewing projects, there have been five brand new pattern releases, one of which I was incredibly pleased to be able to give away for free. It is so nice to be able to give something back to everyone who is continuing to support me. I am looking forward to working on and being able to release more pdf patterns over the coming months. It has been a very  special privilege to be accepted into the independent pattern community. A big thank you to Fiona at Diary of a chain stitcher and the mood sewing network.

I have also been fortunate enough to be interviewed by two different designers’ forums and will hopefully be able to share those with you soon.

So all in all, not much time has been given to sorting out the fabric stash, cleaning the sewing machine or even hovering under the sewing table. It is now time to put everything away in it’s proper place, wash down the surfaces and generally have a tidy up.

Do you like to have a big spring clean of your sewing space and equipment?

Lillia T-shirt Pattern blue image
Lillia T-shirt Pattern


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