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Surprise in the back of the Lillia T-shirt

I can’t tell you how excited I am by the response to the latest pattern release. Lots of you have now downloaded the new Lillia T-Shirt pattern.
So I was thinking to myself, now that you have the basic T-Shirt pattern, what else can you do with it?
Well how about adding a surprise in the back?

Lillia T-shirt Back Completed image
Lillia T-shirt Back Completed

This is a very effective, yet simple way to make a nice T-Shirt top into a special occasion top.
I’ve used a soft, medium weight knit fabric in an everyday pink, however I think the look could be a lot more glamorous in black, midnight blue or you could even use lace on the back.

Once you have downloaded your Lillia T-Shirt pattern, assemble it and cut out your required size. You will need to either print off the back piece a second time or draw around it onto a large piece of paper, so that you have two back pieces. Tape these two back pieces together to make one large pattern.

Lillia T-shirt Back Pattern image
Lillia T-shirt Back Pattern

Modify the Lillia T-shirt pattern

Now for a bit of measuring. You are going to alter the pattern to create the new back section piece by measuring across from the neck edge along one shoulder for 2 inches/5 cm. Then measure along the opposite bottom hem edge 7 inches/18 cm. Draw a straight diagonal line connecting these two points and cut along it. This is now your new pattern section for the back of your Sexy Lillia T-Shirt.

Lillia T-shirt Modified Pattern image
Lillia T-shirt Modified Pattern

Cut two back pieces from your stretch jersey fabric along with one front piece, which is cut on a fold and a neckband.
To assemble the back of your shirt together, start by turning under and hemming the long diagonal edges. Use a ½ inch hem allowance. If you are fortunate enough to have a coverstitch machine this would be perfect for using here to create an even hem without pulling or stretching the fabric out of shape.

Lillia T-shirt Back image
Lillia T-shirt Back

Position the two back pieces on top of one another, as in my photo, and baste stitch around the neck edge to hold the two back sections together. Treat the new back section as one piece as you assemble the rest of your Lillia T-Shirt together following these instructions.

Lillia T-shirt Neck Band image
Lillia T-shirt Neck Band
Lillia T-shirt Back Completed image
Lillia T-shirt Back Completed