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Heart Sewing Pattern Free PDF Download

The Heart Sewing Pattern  Free PDF Download for our friends.

We all enjoy sewing projects for ourselves and we also get a lot of pleasure from the selfless sewing of projects for our friends and relations. To celebrate this Valentine’s week of love and caring I have made a beautiful collection of five different sized heart shapes  in PDF format for you to download  and use to create and make gifts and tokens for everyone you care about .

Heart Sewing Pattern - PDF Download
Heart Sewing Pattern – PDF Download

You can add the various shaped hearts to clothing, to accessories or you can even use the shapes in your other none sewing craft makes such as cards and decorations.

I have already used it on my Valentine’s Dress blog.

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The download will print onto three pieces of paper and is set to print as A4 or letter. If you have any questions about downloading and printing from my website please look at this Downloading and Printing  page.

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We hope you enjoy the Heart Sewing Pattern  Free PDF Download and share it with your friends.

Happy Sewing

Camellia Top – Free Pattern Giveaway


This week I have been working with a wonderful IT team to create a pattern of my own to use here on Sewing Avenue. The process has been a lot more technical than I imagined it would be so I am extremely grateful to the guys for all that they have done so far. I love the end result, it is a very useful pattern which I can use and manipulate in many ways to create an infinite amount of designs and very wearable tops.

So far I have had time to made the Camellia Top in three different fabrics for three different looks. I’ve made it in a bright pink with a black trim, a floral cotton with a white bias binding and a silver satin.
I have big plans for this little top and I am going to be making it again in future blogs to create different looks for many occasions.

Camellia Top in Pink
Camellia Top in Pink
Camellia Top in Floral
Camellia Top in Floral
Camellia Top in Silver
Camellia Top in Silver

The Camellia Top is a fantastic item to add to any woman’s wardrobe. This top is very easy to make and comes as just two simple pattern pieces, a back and a front. There are two bust darts in the front piece to create a bit of shape and it is edged with bias binding which can be either the same fabric or a contrasting colour. It is a top which will never go out of style and can be updated for any season in a wide range of fabrics.

I have decided to share the fun with you so therefore I am making this pattern available for everyone to download completely free. It will be available from Sunday 8th February 2015.
If you want to send me your Email before that date I will still be able to ensure that you get the link on Sunday 8th.

Camellia Top Pattern
Camellia Top Pattern

Simply fill in your Email address above on the “Email Newsletter” and I’ll send you a link to download your very own copy of the Camellia Top. I promise that your Email details will be held in confidence and never shared with anyone.

This pdf pattern covers sizes US 4/UK 8, US 6/UK 10, US 8/UK 12.
It prints out in both A4 and Letter and uses 9 pieces of paper. It also comes with a construction diagram for assembling the pattern pieces and instructions for making up the garment.

Camellia Top Pattern
Camellia Top Pattern

I intend to get the pattern made in more sizes before the end of February, up to and including sizes US 20/UK 24, so if you don’t see the size you need here please be patient and I’ll have it ready as soon as possible and post a blog about it when it is done. Then you too can enjoy making many Camellia tops for yourself and your friends and family.

I’d love to hear from you to find out how you have made your Camellia Top. Let me know which fabrics you like and maybe how you have restyled it to suit yourself. Have you added extra length or maybe put buttons down the front? Have you made it a different colour on the back to the front or even with a “v” neck instead of rounded?
There are so many possibilities.

Please leave a comment below.

Happy sewing