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Sewing Tools

A dozen assorted stones!

Today is just a quick update as I am busy working on my pink Gingham shirt which will be ready by the weekend. I enjoyed wearing the Easter shirt the other day at our Easter lunch, everyone wanted to know how I’d made the sleeve cuff and it really wasn’t hard at all. Infact it was easier than sewing a pair of conventional sleeve cuffs.

I’d like to show you twelve of my most useful sewing tools!

My sewing stone tools image
My sewing stone tools

This is my collection of sewing stones which I use all of the time in the workroom. They cost me absolutely nothing. I collected them years ago from the beach while on a family holiday.

I use the stones as paper weights to hold down patterns and tracing paper when I want to trace off just one size from a multi size pattern. I don’t always like to cut my paper patterns, I like to use them many times by tracing them off and then manipulating the original to come up with different styles and design ideas.

The stones are also very useful pin substituted. I use them to secure paper patterns down onto the fabric when cutting out with a rotary cutter on a cutting mat. This is such a quick and easy way to work and I know a lot of quilters and patchworkers use this method.

Please use the comments below to share your unusual notions and sewing gadgets.

Sewing stones as paper weights image
Sewing stones as paper weights
Sewing stones as pin substitutes image
Sewing stones as pin substitutes

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Happy Sewing

Easter shirt

Happy Easter

The flowers are out, the sun is in the sky and the trees are growing their new leaves, I adore this wonderful time of year. I find so much inspiration to live well and be more healthy in the springtime.

You have to love springtime

I’m thinking about and starting to plan out my sewing for the season ahead. I’ve got as far as knowing for sure that April is now officially my Gingham month! So look out for lots of that over the next four weeks. There will be at least one Gingham dress, a shirt and a few other items too. Today however, is almost another floral make, even though I had previously declared the florals over and done with. There is a saying which goes something like, do what you love and then at least one person is happy, and as virtually any style of sewing, with any type of fabric makes me happy, that’s exactly what I did.

I was so pleased with the finished result of the Rosie shirt last week, that I decided to make myself another one, an Easter shirt to wear. I am finding that shirts are such an essential piece of clothing in my wardrobe at the moment. They are so easy to wear either on their own with jeans or as a throw on over a vest top. And they cover a multitude of Easter egg eating sins!

Rosie Shirt Gathered Wrist image
Rosie Shirt Gathered Wrist

This time I made the shirt a little differently with a pointed collar, instead of the rounded one. I’ve chosen to make it using a crisp cotton fabric. I would usually pre wash all my fabrics before starting a new sewing project, however on this occasion I haven’t and I may live to regret this as the fabric seems to have a starch finish on it to keep it crisp. I’m just hoping now that it doesn’t shrink when it is washed for the first time. Silly me- live and learn!


Rosie Shirt Front image
Rosie Shirt Front

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Happy Sewing